Only 6% of business leaders are satisfied with their innovation results

(Global Innovation Survey by McKinsey)

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Be guided through the innovation process so the best ideas succeed.

Get access to flexible innovation tools that can be adapted to your process and level of ambition.

Upgrade your innovation skills and knowledge within the organization so you can facilitate your innovation processes independently of external consultants.

Strengthen your innovative power

Manage your innovation data

Harvest observations and ideas from across your entire ecosystem.

Keep a sense of perspective and get easy and systematic input handling so you discover the best ideas. Achieve involvement, visibility and transparency in the innovation process.

Get concrete inspiration from the Innovations standard

We offer a one-day workshop with a fun educational game that gives management and employees the skills to upgrade the organization’s innovation work.

Get inspiration from the ISO 5600x standard to design and define your own innovation strategy. You will receive a catalog of specific measures that will help you further the innovation work in your particular organization.

Discover Taliz

Taliz is unique on the market as a professionally based tool that guides you through the innovation process from start to finish and ensures quality and originality.

Taliz is flexible and enables you to facilitate and frame your innovation processes yourself.

Need organizational innovation?

If you need to hold an innovation workshop, help set up an innovation system or lean more towards organizational innovation, perhaps inspired by the Innovation Standard ISO 56000, – then we can also help.
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Innovation is development.
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